Daniel Levy must give Mauricio Pochettino the transfer funds he needs, or run the risk of losing the Tottenham boss

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MAURICIO POCHETTINO has thrown down the gauntlet — and all eyes are on Daniel Levy to see whether he picks it up.

If he does, Tottenham could be on the brink of realising their dream of reaching the next level.

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino is demanding funds from Daniel Levy in the summer
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Pochettino could leave Spurs if he isn’t given the money to spend to turn the Lilywhites into a title-challenging side
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If not? Well, the repercussions for everyone at the club could be immense for years to come.

In my book there was only one way to interpret the comments Poch made on Sunday.

They were the words of a man who is full of frustration and saying, ‘This is the last straw.’

He has already done a miraculous job to get Spurs where they are on the money they spend and does have some top stars there.

Chelsea are interested in taking Pochettino, 46, to Stamford Bridge
Levy has been urged by Pochettino to give him the transfer kitty he requires
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What Pochettino is telling chairman Levy is: ‘I’ve got this close but we need more. I have some great players but we need a couple more.’

And most worrying of all, what I also took from it was ‘If you’re not going to back me, then I could well clear off’.

I WANT MAUR Chelsea sensationally line up Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino to replace Antonio Conte at Stamford Bridge

He wants Levy to be brave and take risks and that means splashing the cash — serious cash — not trying to do it in a cut-price way.

They need to be paying Harry Kane what Romelu Lukaku is getting at Manchester United, what Mo Salah will get in his next contract at Liverpool.

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They need to be doing the same with the likes of Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen as well.

If they come back from a blinding World Cup and Spurs are still not spending big money, it will be a case of, ‘We’ve had a great tournament and I’m still playing with him and him . . . where’s the quality?’

If they come back from a disappointing one it will be, ‘I need to be somewhere where I’ll have a chance to play with the top players genuinely competing at the next level.’

That is why Pochettino’s meeting with Levy this week is so important.

Not just for next season, but for where the club goes over the next few years.

He needs to know how far his chairman is prepared to go.

Take Gareth Bale, for example, who could well be available this summer.

Harry Kane has thrived under Pochettino sine the Argentinian joined from Southampton
PA:Press Association
Dele Alli could be set for a bumper contract at Tottenham

If he is, Spurs HAVE to be in the conversation, whether they end up getting him or not.

That’s the kind of money they need to be talking.

Right now Poch is saying, ‘We’re looking over the ledge but we need to crawl along. It will be dangerous but that’s what we must do to get where we want.’

Look at what Tottenham have achieved already. They ripped Real Madrid to shreds at Wembley. They did the same to Liverpool and Manchester United.

They were great against Juventus, who only played for ten minutes but got through because of their experience.

The big-game know-how Spurs will get in time . . . if they gamble.

They are very, very close but could find themselves slipping agonisingly away again if Levy’s next step is not the right one.

Pochettino has guided Spurs to a third successive top four finish in the Premier League
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They have broken the ceiling of making the top four and are going into a new stadium.

But that’s not enough any more — we saw that with Arsene Wenger.
He worked miracles to keep Arsenal in the top four for so long when all the money was going on the stadium and look what happened in the end.

Spurs need to find a way to invest in the playing side or it will start to peter out — and players won’t be patient for too long.

As soon as Poch made those comments, ears will have pricked up all over the world.

Clubs will now be watching Levy’s next move and thinking, ‘We could get a couple of players here if he makes the wrong one’.

Pochettino isn’t guaranteeing success but he knows he won’t win the raffle if he hasn’t even got a ticket.

That really is not too much to ask of his chairman.

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